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Chris Patrick: Destined to Reach Great Heights Through Acting

  Acting is something that comes naturally to him. And while many in their final years in high schools were busy preparing for their final exams, ‘Chris’ Patrick Ng’ang’a was producing his first movie, Point of No Return . That was while at Mwiruti Secondary School in Nakuru County with a one of his teachers, who had seen his potential in acting, nurturing him. As the movie title says, he had reached a point of no return in his acting, literally, and the way forward was to keep on marching!   To match on he did, and in the process had produced several movies. Not until you watch one that you realize the 26 year old man, a talented scriptwriter, is going places. Though he confesses he is a lover of Nigerian movies, a fact which has played a significant influence to his productions, he digresses his plotlines follow similar scripts but are informed by every day happenings around him and the country in general.

Converting Cemeteries to Picnic Sites the Way to Go

  That death forms part of a human’s life circle is a known fact. Whereas some sees it as a rebirth or reincarnation to a new being or a better life in the hereafter, others hold it death is the cessation of life altogether with superstitions shrouding the dead having grown a life of their own. Regardless of your take on death, it is an inescapable fact we all will face it as a final bow of exiting this worldly stage.   A visit to cemeteries or mausoleums conjures the memories of the departed ones or evokes a dread fear. It seems there is mysticism surrounding souls resting places that not many would pay visits to graves of their loved ones leaving them in neglect. A careful look will, however, reveal the importance many regards the resting places of dear ones as far as entombing or burying their remains is concerned.