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Is the Level of Education one has a Measure of Success?

  Much emphasis is always placed on education level one has and many will be proud brandishing academic papers acquired along the life’s process. Though there is nothing wrong in quest for a better education or higher training to land that dream job, oft times, many end up in careers that are less paying or ones they least trained for. But does it take higher education and specialized  training in any field of expertise to be a success? Amongst  the many successful people in the field of their hustles that I have come across, some did not see the inside of a high school wall let alone complete their college education. This is not saying pursuit of high education or profession training is wrong but the examples of these hustlers’ stories can inspire.

The Fool and His Money....

  Gambling is increasingly becoming a way for many seeking a short-cut to instant riches. The mouth watering sums at stake, especially the jackpot prizes, are seeing many a young person ‘invest’ in this front in hopes of striking it rich in life. Whereas few will smile their way to the bank, majority are left counting losses. And those unable to reconcile with losses can go to an extent of stealing or taking loans they can hardly repay just to sustain gambling addiction or even take their lives.   When Jackson Kamau* won Sh1 million through Kenya Charity sweepstakes some years back, he thought he had it all mapped out for a life of ease and comfort for the rest of his days. It wasn’t to be, for financial discretion took a sabbatical and he was back to square one sooner than he anticipated.