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‘I Married Myself’

The first time I saw her was that Sunday I had stopped by this club to wind down for the weekend, and catch an English Premier League match on the giant screen. She looked very gorgeous, no wonder she was receiving generous tips from male patrons who could not help keep their eyes off her voluptuous bums each time she passed to take or serve a customer's order. Perhaps the reason those who invest in pub businesses hires good looking ladies is because of the magnetic attraction they have on men, no wonder you’ll find males making repeat customers to simply drool after the petite skirt wearers, and do their wallets damage in the process.

When the Customer is No Longer the King with GOtv Kenya!

Before Kenya’s migration to digital television content, there is no doubt many were content watching at least a maximum of six free to air television stations on their box TV sets. Those were the days some brands of basic mobile phones could access analogue television stations, unlike today where you need to download apps to stream the same on your smartphone.   Prior to the enforced 2015 switch off of analogue signals, many, including yours truly, found it convenient to wind down for weekends at social places to catch part of the entertaining English Premier League matches. For others, yours truly included, invested in pay setup boxes, with GOtv being an option over others in the market. What informed the choice for same was how Multichioice, which owns DSTV and GOtv, tempted many football fanatics with a variety of entertaining European sports. 

Take That Break by Winding Down in Style

For some, weekends presents that chance to wind down in style. It could be to hang bingeing with friends, or to taking that excursion that will see them arriving back at their work posts looking refreshed and reenergized. The introverts would rather be domiciled in the safety of their residences perhaps as couch potatoes, or for others, being hooked to their social media accounts ‘catching up’ what they may have missed during weekdays.     For quite long, my weekends have taken a predictable narrative. Each other weekend, I’m to be found in a social joint staring at the giant screen following a premium English Premier League match. Well, many a football fanatics would rather watch in company of friends and not in comfort of a sofa set, with the unwritten rule being a responsible man should be home and dry before or by the time of 9 O’clock news.