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Who Controls Dundori Ward Politics?

  When a few or a group of individuals can have an influence on a state to the extent of influencing the formation of laws to protect and promote their private interests, we have a situation called state capture. These individuals, known as oligarchs, seek to strengthen their economic positions.   A look at politics at the ward level, especially the Dundori Ward, shows there is a cabal of such ‘oligarchs’, though power brokers is the apt term. From 2013, choices of ward leaders have been forced down on the electorate. Not that because the voters cannot make own rational choices on who to elect, but the power brokers, in selling their candidates, manages to psychologically capture their thoughts from the nadir to the zenith of the campaigns. It is no wonder the easily swayed ‘sheeple’ will legitimize a choice fronted by voting en masse!

The Ambiguity of 'Nitawasikiliza'

  Depending on how you see it, ‘ nitawasikiliza ’ can be an ambiguous term. It is in present tense to begin with, meaning one can only be heard before an action or event had taken place, though there are differing interpretations out there. But Dundori ward representative, Machembu Chege, avers this is not a broad based term that can be taken out of context and its literal meaning is ‘ready to lend a keen ear’. This, in lay man’s term, means the leader is ready or willing to give considerations to issues dogging the ward, but only after they are raised! (My take, anticipatory leaders can identify what needs to be done and take timely action before the problem reaches an unmanageable or a costlier level).   I bet my two cents the MCA may be development oriented. Whereas his predecessor is accused of sleeping on the job, taking long to settle down before initiating few developments projects here and there, Machembu is setting a precedent. Literally, he hit the road running by