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This Man Philip Wanjohi

Not until you engage him do you realize he is not an eccentric old man as some would have it. He has a sharp mind and a knack of punctuating his talk with observations taken straight from some of books he has familiarized himself with. Though he is not as strong as his old former self, he believes his fist can pack a punch enough to dislocate the jaw of a donkey. After all, he was a pugilist and represented the country within the African continent thrice.   But Philip Mainge Wanjohi, (pictured), who is in hie early seventies, is on a different mission. He has been agitating for establishment of library services at ward levels. The man who has read over 2000 books cutting across all genres decries the lack of a reading culture especially by the young generation. He says he was Member Number782 from 1980 to 1992 at the Kenya National Library Service, Nakuru, but distance and hard economical times had conspired to keep him from frequenting the place.

Failures Made Me Pull Up By Bootstraps

  PETER KANYI is the director of Fagilia Constructors , a company that deals with construction works. However, his has been a long journey to be where he is today as he shares his story. A humble beginning is just a step to the right direction   Shortly after high school, I began working odd jobs that came in handy. My first self-employment was in baking and distributing mandazi (buns)  with a bicycle. That was during the early 2000s but I did not last long in that line. Part of the reasons being competition, and rather than compete with copycats who were supplying similar products to same customers, I had to strategize.

Revisiting the United Methodist Schools Case

For those who followed the case pitting the Roberts Education Center and the United Methodist Church, perhaps the the dismissal of the case by a Nakuru court is what came as a shocker to the church. Reason being the learned judge found that the latter doesn’t even exist as an entity!   For one, the church had been operating in a rented building located in – only God knows where! Second, how a church without declared assets could acquire a ten acre piece of land and put up property worth Sh100 million defies logic. In this era where mega churches are the ‘in thing’ with most pastors, we would have seen a storied edifice of its kind that would rival the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro in the Ivory Coast - the largest church in the world!