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When Mixing Work with Pleasure left me with Egg on the Face!

Teacher Neema was the new face in the village school. She had what was a typical bewitching smile, a well proportioned behind and an ample bosom with a revealing cleavage that made every male staff member drool after her. It was hard to tell then why she had chosen to teach in such a godforsaken village school that offered no quality education and little value for money. To begin with, it was a private institution with a confluence of Early Childhood Development and Education certificate holders, diploma graduates and a slew of untrained teachers. Salary was pegged on one's seniority and the level of training or experience garnered. I, being an untrained teacher, was in the lowly third tier with a salary nothing to write home about. Basically, it was a wage and not a salary that saw one go broke in a week or two of the pay day.