Thursday, February 28, 2019

When a Charming Teacher almost Ruined my Career

It is often said that men will do dumb things, including forsaking their families, in order to please a skirt wearer when the fools themselves can be dumped for another 'enterprising' broke around the corner. This maxim holds true as I discovered after falling over myself trying to please a female teacher some years back.

As I reminiscence over this, I have to come to conclude that indeed women and business do not mix, and trying to experiment with both can be a recipe for disaster.

After my ECDE diploma, I started my teaching career in a private school run by an American Christian organization. They had first set camp in our village where they had come to help eradicate the jigger menace before coming up with a health center. These missionaries later decried the high illiteracy level prevailing and came up with a 'noble concept' of establishing a school to address this – not that there were no schools about. This was before the advent of free primary education and it wasn't an unusual sight to see school going children working alongside their parents in the rich peoples' farms to help eke a living tilling gardens.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sam Wachanga: My 21 Years as an Alcoholic

For twenty one years, I was enslaved by the demon of alcohol addiction. I was always inebriated most of the time. But what I thought was a cool lifestyle became a problem not only affecting me but my own family and was to cost me two marriages in the process.

  But how did alcohol came to enslave me? I was born forty six years ago in Nakuru County. My father loved tipple much and would brew his own beer, the traditional muratina, and drink at the comfort of his home though he was also a social drinker who would stagger home from pubs as well. In his drunken state, he loved to regale us children with stories, though many were improvised versions from his drunken stupor. I thought alcohol was good stuff seeing how it was rendering him into a griot or great storyteller especially the ease with which he effortlessly narrated one yarn after another.

  My dad indirectly influenced me to like alcohol. He was ever in a jovial mood especially when drunk and I thought happiness was to be found either in the bottle or in his beloved home-made brew. Out of curiosity, I began experimenting with alcohol. And before I knew it, I had not only liked its taste but had already fallen in love with it!

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