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With Friends like these....

  There is comfort in surrounding oneself with trustworthy friends. Think of those hard times when a friend or two will stand by your side and assist in whatever way, or by whatever means, in lessening the burden on your shoulders. Truly, difficult times tend to prove who your true friends are.   It is, however, disconcerting to note not every friend you've invested your trust in will reciprocate the same in kind. The ungrateful lot believes every one owes them and in return they have nothing to pay one back. It is useless to remind them the good you did to them as the godly act has it you do well to others and go your way expecting nothing in return.   My walk of life has always taught me a vital lesson; everyone will be a good friend to you when you're better off but will see you as an unnecessary burden when you're worse off and treat you differently. Granted, no one is supposed to remain at topmost rudder rung throughout their life.

When Controversy Can Make, Not Break Your Brand

During the run up to the August 8th, 2017 General Election in Kenya, a Nakuru based radio station known as Ithaga FM attracted controversy when the current Bahati Constituency member of parliament, Kimani Ngunjiri, fought off his then fiercest challenger, John ‘Honest’ Mbugua in the studio. The station was to again attract controversy when many young people from Bahati constituency took to the social media and attacked the station labelling it a ‘Facebook Radio’ as they claimed its signal reception is poor in many parts of the constituency. The station proprietor, Njoroge Ng’ang’a (pictured), says such controversies only served to market his brand instead. How did Ithaga FM came into be? The station began three years back and was initially known as Fahari FM when I officially launched it. As many did not identify with the station, and this was impacting the business, I saw the need to rebrand to Ithaga FM and broadcasting in vernacular from Kiswahili.

Stepping in to Fill a Market Gap

Many may not easily identify with Ikon Africa Designs given that this business outfit is relatively new in the market but the person behind this brand name is an experienced hand in the field of branding, printing and designing. Robert Kinyanjui, who also goes by the name of Robbie Robbie, is not an average youth in his twenties but an entrepreneur in the making.   Like any entrepreneur, he saw a market gap that needed filling and stepped in. “After doing a market research, I learned the Kenya fashion industry is still young and I wanted to be part of the game and therefore founded Ikon Africa Designs to create a platform where customers can get dressed under one roof and reduce the stress of moving from shop to shop bargaining for a better fit,” he says of his business located in Nakuru town.