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Who Said Partners in a Union are Perfect?

  After that elaborate wedding ceremony, there comes a time to make adjustments to accommodate each other as couples begins their long (or short-lived) married lives.   If the courtship period preceding the marriage was the shortest time, there are some habits and traits that each of the pair failed to notice in the other one. The first few months in marital bliss can be awkward for such couples and it all boils down to trying to correct each other.   Granted, no union is perfect. And no partner is perfect either. Each partner sees an imperfection in the other and tries to correct this. But no one wants to be corrected as some of the picked habits have become integral in an individual's life and may construe a part of their psyches. It may be chaotic trying to correct the other's mannerisms.

The Liberated Modern Woman

Today's 'liberated' woman is a classic case study. She is educated, independent, working, proud and arrogant. She is unmanageable to the extent many men out there would rather settle down with a 'lower class' type rather than a self-independent one.   The modern woman is the face of everything. She graces our living rooms as that sexually lilted voice telecasting news, doing commercial voiceovers or explicitly dressed in adverts to entice you buy products from multinational companies. She is in billboards distracting your attention as you drive by. You hear her voice telling you ' mteja hapatikani ' (the subscriber is unavailable) when you can't reach the other party you are calling. She is in different postures gracing the covers of glossy erotic magazines, the newspapers inside pullout pages, movies posters and so on. You see her as that stunning beauty with a sizzling voice leading in church worship choirs and the list is endless....  

Finding Success in Entertainment Industry

Denis Sume Meso (pictured), is in his early thirties and was until three years ago working with Ipsos Synovate, a research company, and decided to go into self-employ in the entertainment business at the end of his contract. The man who confesses a love for anything showbiz from back in the years is today the manager of an entertainment company by the name of Mesox Entertainment . What is this business all about and why the choice of the name? Mesox Entertainment is an entertainment business based in Nakuru that deals in offering professional and quality services in events like emceeing, quality sounds, disc jockeying and band services. I settled on the name Mesox Entertainment as it is derived from my name and also because I wanted the clients to identify the person and the business at the same time. How did you start and how long have you been in operations? I started with Sh50, 000 which was mainly savings from the earlier job and bought a few sound equipments to