Revisiting the United Methodist Schools Case

For those who followed the case pitting the Roberts Education Center and the United Methodist Church, perhaps the the dismissal of the case by a Nakuru court is what came as a shocker to the church. Reason being the learned judge found that the latter doesn’t even exist as an entity!

  For one, the church had been operating in a rented building located in – only God knows where! Second, how a church without declared assets could acquire a ten acre piece of land and put up property worth Sh100 million defies logic. In this era where mega churches are the ‘in thing’ with most pastors, we would have seen a storied edifice of its kind that would rival the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro in the Ivory Coast - the largest church in the world!

  But for a church with a congregation of no more than two dozen to make very preposterous claims is what beggars questions. Why prioritize on the educational matters instead of engaging in soul winning? It is not wrong for religious institutions to establish learning centers to offer holistic education. Faith run schools are not that bad, unless they are intent in brainwashing their charges with dogmatic teachings that would have the larger society frowning!

  The school founder, Dianne Hamrick, comes from a land that believes in the right for one to arm self where the second amendment protects such arm bearers. I would not know if American values are instilled on the learners in her school, but luckily, we don’t have a situation where an angry student storms the school armed with a panga and massacres fellow learners!

  Back to the church, it would be interesting to know what it was doing in name of giving back to the community. If it has such deep financial resources, how many poor children were sponsored all the way to universities? Does it has a programme for the widows and the orphans? Does it sponsor free medical camps, and if so, where and how often?

  My two cents: many churches of today have morphed into social halls where members meet once in a week, sing songs, make contributions and go their ways. Though not all, pastors of today would pass for salespeople doing motivational talks in place of offering sound scriptural sermons!


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