Josphat Mureithi: A Leader Extraordinaire in the Making?


He believes he has what it takes to be a leader. Poor leadership, he says, is the bane of our underdevelopment no wonder the five wards in Bahati constituency seems to be lagging behind despite the enormous potential or resources they are endowed with.

  His bone of contention, however, is that Bahati constituency doesn’t have a leader but a maverick politician who has nothing to offer. “What we need is a visionary leader who has the interest of the people in the heart, not a gerrymandering politician with little to show in terms of services delivery,” he says.

  The problem with Bahati constituency, he notes, is the tendency of voters to vote for a personality rather than a leader whose articulated policies can transform the constituency into one of the renown, as well as uplift the standards of living for many. To this effect, a politician riding on the wave of a party popularity is likely to be elected than an aspirant who can offer alternative leadership. This has been the trend if past elections are anything to go by.

  The 26 years old holds a diploma in ICT and is currently studying for a degree in human resources management at Mount Kenya University. He believes the time for the old guard to pass the baton to the young generation is nigh. He was a student leader throughout his high school days and would like to replicate this leadership on a larger stage, no wonder he always signs off his social media posts as ‘Bahati MP 2022’.

  Should he not throw in the towel and shoulder on with his political ambitions, he says he has a basket of goodies to offer should he be elected the next legislator. It is still a long trek to 2022 though, and he will likely engage the likes of perennial campaigners (and losers) like Hilda Kimatta, Dedan Mwendwa, John ‘Honest’ Mbugua, among others, for the ultimate ticket to parliament. But if the current legislator, Kimani Ngunjiri, was to defend his seat (with punches thrown in a la ‘Honest’ case) then things are bound to be complicated.

  For starters, incumbents have wherewithal means to fend off serious challenges, as well as buy off opponents. And, as some critics note, selling one’s candidacy through social media will not resonate well, meaning the likes of Josphat will have much groundwork to cover to market themselves.

  Though some would dismiss him as a daydreamer, and that it is too premature to focus his eyes on 2022, he is quick to say he is only strategizing and laying the groundwork. He is identifying areas of priority and working with residents as he maps out his political path. To him, beginning early by branding himself is what will see him come off the political shelf as a well packaged product come 2022 that the voters will unwrap and try.

  Only time will tell.


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