Who Controls Dundori Ward Politics?


When a few or a group of individuals can have an influence on a state to the extent of influencing the formation of laws to protect and promote their private interests, we have a situation called state capture. These individuals, known as oligarchs, seek to strengthen their economic positions.

  A look at politics at the ward level, especially the Dundori Ward, shows there is a cabal of such ‘oligarchs’, though power brokers is the apt term. From 2013, choices of ward leaders have been forced down on the electorate. Not that because the voters cannot make own rational choices on who to elect, but the power brokers, in selling their candidates, manages to psychologically capture their thoughts from the nadir to the zenith of the campaigns. It is no wonder the easily swayed ‘sheeple’ will legitimize a choice fronted by voting en masse!

  When the same sheeple complain over the lack of services delivery, are not they reaping the consequences of their choices?

  Any one enforced to the electorate by a cabal of power brokers is not a leader but a puppet. And a puppet has no interests of the people at heart as a matter of priority, but those of the puppeteers or the power brokers. In promoting their personal interests, the puppeteers can strangulate the rate of development by demanding a percentage cut for every financial allocation of a project in the ward. More, when it comes to consideration of awarding major contracts, your bet these puppeteers and their cronies will ink the deals on the paper is as good as mine.

    Take the example where a mile of a village road that looks anything like a lunar surface after grading is purportedly to have cost the taxpayers an estimated Sh1.6 million. What percentage of that amount went to power brokers? Are there breakdowns of cost estimates ever published for the public to scrutinize? Unfortunately, the ‘enlightened’ sheeple will believe everything told while questioning nothing!

  The puppeteers know how to exploit and manipulate the mass through their puppets. No wonder the choices of their candidates are ones who speaks their body language. The sheeple were easily exploited and manipulated because they are disjointed lot who cannot see beyond sound agendas but chose to flow with the currents. The power brokers came as salespersons, listened to the sheeple, established their baselines and found their weaknesses, making it a walk into the park to sell their candidate.

  And speaking about listening, what does a leader communicate when he says that listen and silent are spelled with same letters?




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