Rewarding Sycophancy?

With the dust from the last General Election having long settled down, the elected leaders, without much preamble, went into proving themselves by launching development projects as others, impotently, chose a backseat delaying implementation of same until such an appropriate time with eyes trained to the next elections - a tactic that has time and again been used to hoodwink the gullible electorate!

  Youth empowerment is one of the oft cited campaign agendas for any politician under the sun with the promise of bettering the lot of the majority of who are unemployed, and, invariably, forms the bulk of the population of our nation.

  It makes for an interesting observation to note that, during what is disguised as 'youth empowerment drive', selection of beneficiaries of such 'drives' are done selectively mainly to sycophants and bootlickers who crooned to high heavens, or were pointmen and campaign footsoldiers of the said politicians. As an example, why are some beneficiaries of a 'mheshimiwa' largesse mainly those who were integral in his/her campaign team?

  It behooves one to see a section of a less vehicular road, aptly, a footpath, where such a sycophant lives, and which is less than a kilometre long, getting a favourable vote head at the expense of key feeder ones vital for the village commerce. Pray, tell me, does it make sense to have eight lorry loads of murram on a stretch of about six hundred meters just to massage the ego of a sycophant when key roads look like ploughed potato fields with every slight drizzle? One taxpayer is more equal than others, enh?

  Do you call it youth empowerment by giving an already and established individual more business tools on claims the said individual/s is/are better placed to offer training and 'empower' others to be self-reliant in life? Which business person would entertain the notion that the main competitors next door are the same s/he trained and are now bringing unhealthy competition driving the profits down? Why not pay for training for such youths in technical and vocational institutions and empower them with tools to start their own businesses upon graduation?

  And do you call it youth empowerment when, for PR reasons, you're photographed 'donating' to jobless youths such items as a car washing machine only to confiscate them within a month to benefit other 'deserving' cases which are mainly friends and relatives?

  My ward of Dundori in Nakuru County is a lost cause with clueless leaders!


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