Ladies, This Is Why Your Man Found Value in another Woman

As painful as it is for your man to cheat on you with a clandestine lover, it pays to note that his behaviour is nothing out of ordinary and is to be expected. If you thought the African man is monogamous by nature, then this stuff is not for you.

  Let’s first interrogate the African man’s sexual behaviour from the time he married you to the time his marital infidelity became apparent. 

  To begin with, you are not the first lassie he first cast his eyes on to literally sweep him off his feet. He ‘practised’ for marriage by deflowering a couple of girls around and you happened to be the tenth in the pecking order that he married as a ‘last resort’.

  After punching a kid or two, your sex life begins to look like a bore such that both of you fails to find satisfaction in each other. You both want out – not merely to separate – but to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

  You see, you have been married for long and your man may have outlived his prowess between the sheets and you are looking for a young Lothario who will give you screaming orgasms. Your man may have well become a ‘one minute’ affair at the time you expect him to perform like a porn star.

  And here is where you are missing the big picture.

  At the time many men are clocking their thirties, they are on their starting points - sexually speaking. Their sexual thirst is peaking no matter many develops a randy eye for any pretty skirt wearer from this point. Yet you fail to understand him and deprive him of his sexual needs when he needs you most. You see, men releases stress through sexual intercourses, and it is when he is this high during bedroom ‘jazzing’ sessions that he will confide to you the deep secrets buried in the recess of his heart.

  He is at the maximum of his sexual drive at the age of forty five. At this age, you are hitting your biological clock, if not already yet. Men in this age bracket are playing sponsors to nubile young lassies half your age out there. They need to let out that steam otherwise you will have to put up with a depressed man suffering from ‘sexual deficiency’ syndrome if he is a pretended saint.

  It takes no rocket science to keep your man sexually fulfilled till old age.

  So if your marriage is undergoing strain owing to your man’s randy eye or is keeping a mpango wa kando out there, remember this little pep talk.

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